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    Elastic Button Loops

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    A line of buttons on the back of wedding dresses adds elegance and can be done without undoing the seamstress

    if you use elastic button looping. This product is a narrow tape with loops of round elastic at intervals of 1/2 inch or 1 inch. Button looping is usually white. However, the color does not matter as the seam covers the tape, and the buttons cover the button looping. The button looping will accommodate a variety of the button sizes commonly used with wedding dresses. This product is truly wonderful!

    Method 1 - The Easy Way

    1. Press under the 5/8 inch seam allowance on both sides. The button looping may be inserted either before or after the seam is sewn. Refer to pattern instruction sheet for guidance.

    2. Place tape under the fold of the left side so that the button loops extend out. Pin or baste in place.

    3. From the right, side edgestitch along the fold, going through both layers of fabric and the tape. The buttons will cover the stitching. 4. Sew buttons to the right side through both layers.

    Method 2 -Faced Button Looping

    1. Pin button loop tape to the left side of bodice, with the button loops toward the garment and the tape just to the inside of the seam allowance.

    2. Cut a narrow facing 1-1/4" wide by the length of the opening. It may be of the fashion fabric, lining, or Seams Great. Seam tape and lace seam binding are narrower but may be used.

    3. With RIGHT sides together, sandwich the button loop tape between the fabric layers. Stitch and grade the seam.

    4. Turn facing to WRONG side and press.

    5. Face the right side and sew buttons through all layers.

    Method 3 - Faced Button Looping with Underlap

    1. Insert button looping and facing as in Method 2, steps 1 through 4.

    2. Construct underlap from dress fabric. Cut a strip 2 inches wide by the length of opening plus two seam allowances (1-1/4").

    3. Fold lengthwise, RIGHT sides together. Sew both short ends, cut corners and grade the seam. Turn right side out, press and baste long raw edges together.

    4. With RIGHT sides together, sandwich the underlap between the gown and facing with long raw edges together. The top of underlap will line up with the finished neckline edge. Pin as needed. Stitch and grade the seam.

    5. Turn facing to wrong side and press.

    6. Sew buttons onto the dress. The underlap slips under the button looping, eliminating any skin from showing should the button loops be stretched. It is better that the button loops stretch if the fit is too tight than have the fabric rip.

    Note: Recommend to the bride that she button the dress from the bottom up. It is extremely difficult to button the center portion if buttoned from the top. The idea used to be that it should take enough time to button the dress to allow for a facts of life lecture.


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